In service for last 18 years, offers Diploma & Certificates in IT, Hospitality, Business, Travel & Tourism, Accounts, Graphics, Sales & marketing and many more … 

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Vishan Infotech

Vishan Infotech is one of the Fiji’s favorite destinations for students seeking a tertiary education – 18 years of enhanced education provider.We take great pride in the quality of courses and services delivered to students seeking a highly prized Fijian Higher Education Qualifications. Vishan Infotech is fully registered by the Fiji higher education  commission (FHEC) as a Higher Education Provider since 2003.  We provide students with a supportive and nurturing higher education environment. We rank the enhancement of students’ education outcomes and welfare as the highest priority of the Institute. We have a multicultural learning environment with a diverse cultural background of  students, New students will quickly become part of our  family where they learn in safe, friendly, multicultural classrooms. Students are encouraged and supported to participate in classes to develop the personal skills and confidence necessary to make a future career 


Why Study @ Vishan Infotech?

Students at Vishan Infotech can be confident they are getting a accredited qualifications. Vishan Infotech courses are accredited by the Fiji Higher Education Commission and accepted by relevant business houses, industry professional organisations, and other Universities.

The motto of Vishan Infotech is “knoweldge – Wisdom – Truth”:

  • Knowledge – Obtaining knowledge and skills through higher education learning.
  •  Wisdom – Expertise through experience. Applying knowledge to current as well as future experience.
  •  Truth – Creating new knowledge by exploring and finding the truth in the world.

Our Course

As a leading education provider, Vishan Infotech currently offers the following  National qualifications:

  1. National certificate in information technology (level 2)
  2. National certificate in business administration and technology (level 3)
  3. National certificate in IT Software application (level 3)
  4. National certificate in IT Support  (level 3)
  5. National certificate in Retail management (level 2)


Popular courses


Use a personal computer and its operating system to access, organise and store information relevant to the context. Describe the main concepts of Information Technology at a general level;

Evaluate and apply new technology to improve the organisation’s activities Implement system software at a general level

Evaluate and apply new technology to improve an organisation’s activities Will be able to demonstrate basic use of a range of technologies to provide first level diagnostic support to people using information technology in the workplace.

Provide administrative and general office services using business technologies, to support everyday operational activities. Assist in performing financial calculations, process data and produce information


Cross Credits are available to dropout  students from other Institutions like USP, FNU, UNI FIJI and others registered institution under Fiji Higher Education Comm